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Big Five Personality Traits Essay Sample

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❶Role of Emotions and Personality. The personality of an individual can be split into various components and characteristics.

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Big Five Personality Traits Essay Sample
Reflective writing for describe your personality essay
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Have the brilliant skill to comprehend difficult organizational challenges and produce solid solutions. The above classifications of personalities are generally applied in the process of how to describe a person personality in essay. In the past, there existed in several personality essay examples a strong debate among scholars on the exact number of how many personality categories are in existence.

Some, like Gordon Allport, were of the idea there are as many as personalities traits. Some other scholars like Raymond Cattell in his essay about personality proposed only sixteen. Most modern researchers propose the Five Factor theory which outlines five broad categories that make up human personality. The following five categories have been identified as standard in big five personality traits essay:.

When tasked to write a "describe your personality essay" or a "my personality essay", you need to be clear on the meaning of some terms. Personality disorders or illnesses are dysfunctional conditions of mental instability in which the feelings, thoughts and behaviors are rendered in rigid and unhealthy patterns resulting in problematic associations with the surrounding people and situations.

There are many disorders and illnesses that the personality of an individual might suffer from. The disorders can be brought about by or their presence or onset signaled by the following conditions:. Personality disorders are quite challenging because some can make the patient not realize that they are sick and can actually blame those close to them for the challenges that they face.

Most of the personality disorders start in teenagehood and early adulthood. Some are radical and violent in nature while others are less obvious. There are three categories into which the personality disorders are categorized according to the similarities of the symptoms and characteristics they exhibit.

There are many disorders associated with the personality that we can't explore all of them but highlight the three broad categories this essay on personality. The disorders in this category are portrayed by strange, unconventional thoughts or behaviors. They include the following disorders:. The disorders in this group are described by dramatic, excessively emotional or erratic thoughts or behavior. The disorders are as follows:. The personality disorders categorized in this cluster are depicted by apprehensive, fearful acting or thinking.

Every personality essay recommends that if you note any symptom of any personality disorder in you or anybody else, you should seek medical attention from your nearest healthcare provider or mental health institution. If any of the mental disorders remains unattended, it can cause significant damage to you or anyone around you. The careful act of balancing emotions, thoughts and behaviors is the responsibility of the personality.

It bears the two social perspectives every social being bears: Personality is formed early in life when a child starts socializing and gradually gets shaped by growing up into adulthood through a combination of the following two aspects as shown in any personality essay:. Although average levels of adult personality remain relatively stable, individual changes are of course possible.

Depressive episodes, for example, are associated with an increase in Neuroticism. With the onset of dementia, people become more distress prone or higher in Neuroticism and less conscientious.

In comparison to personality changes related to psychological disorders, changes in response to significant life events such as marriage or divorce are usually small and not very consistent across different studies. For instance, people who score high in Neuroticism are more likely to abuse drugs if they are also low in Conscientiousness, and people with clinical depression have less chance of recovery if they are not only high in Neuroticism but also low in Extraversion.

Emergence of the Five-Factor Model. Annual Review of Psychology 41 — A FiveFactor Theory perspective 2nd ed. We can write a custom essay.

The Dad of the family, Stephen aged 52 ,is a heart surgeon who travels around the world working for charities. The mum of the family is called Marisa aged 50,she is an ex catwalk model, now fixated on plastic surgery to keep her body looking young.

Their Daughter Alice aged 25 is a successful shop owner of high end clothing, also with a clientele who Termed by Carl Jung, collective unconscious offers a respectable insight into the field of analytical psychology. Geography is the study of the physical parts of the earth and its atmosphere, geography can also be the study of the human activity. Every day, geography affects our daily lives.

Examples of geography affecting us on a regular basis are shown from everyday experiences. The environment constantly affects us, whether it be by weather and climate change or giving us natural resources like energy I will be doing the case analysis of a grade 1 learner focusing on the psychosocial theory and recognizing the emotional and social systems of the grade 1 learner.

In the Psychosocial theory, the eight stages will be discussed. Effective Workplace Communication Dashman Company was a large concern which produced equipment for the armed forces of the United States. It had over 20 plants situated in the central part of U. There was the absence of coordinated purchase policy within the firm.

Each plant was working as a separate individual unit. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. With a hour delay you will have to wait for 24 hours due to heavy workload and high demand - for free.

Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. SAGE knowledge Highly extraverted people are warm, talkative, and generally like to be around others.

Copying is only available for logged-in users. If you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email Send. This type of research is vital if those with histrionic personality disorder are to ever be fully cured. Therapy without certain cause can reduce…… [Read More]. Psychological Study of Personality Psychoanalytic. Bandura's social cognitive theory is similar with Skinner's behaviorist theory, in so far as the role of the external environment on the individual is concerned.

Bandura's theory illustrates a seemingly 'reciprocal' relationship between the individual and the external environment: From the discussion of these three perspectives of the psychology of human personality, significant differences that highlight the importance of each tradition emerge. The humanistic tradition looks into the internal traits of the individual, positing that these internal traits are what ultimately shape the personality of a person.

Psychology-Personality Adult Attachment and the. This means that for both parent-acquaintance and self-other consensus, it was observed that increased length of acquaintance leads to high stereotype accuracy. This study on the relationship between length of acquaintance and stereotype accuracy highlighted the importance of length of acquaintance in relationships in order to best assess an individual's personality.

Through this study, it was found out that, among other factors, length of acquaintance is indeed a determinant that could determine a person's accurate assessment of an individual's personality. The study conducted demonstrated how length of acquaintanceship is a function of stereotype accuracy.

Part 4- the Role of Mood Regulation In this study conducted by Eid and Lischetzke, the authors delved into the components that act as mediators of individuals with extrovert personalities. In assessing these mediators, the authors determined pleasant-unpleasant trait mood and mood regulators such as mood repair and mood maintenance as its main factors.

Through regression…… [Read More]. Partner Traits Influence the Process of Maintaining. Partner traits influence the process of maintaining Romantic Relationships Choosing and retaining a romantic partner is a challenging task that most people encounter in their lives. The desire to understand and accept others' trait in the context of enduring relationship is a topic mirrored in the growing body of psychology.

When people are seeking romantic relationships, they desire a wide range of traits, some observable, others difficult to discern. Therefore, when making decisions on the right partners, there are numerous factors to consider.

Some people will consider how other people assess their partner, while others will evaluate the person based on other aspects far from physical and emotional factors. To avoid making incompatible choices, this paper provides a self-help guide which gives the five best tips for choosing and…… [Read More].

Examining Personality With Reference to Genes. Individual Differences Approach to Personality: Personality is a term that has largely been considered an unproblematic concept and primarily refers to the varying kinds of characteristics of individuals. Despite this assumption, psychologists have constantly used the word in different ways. The varying views in the use of this concept or term are fueled by the fact that psychology usually makes generalizations regarding individuals.

Generally, personality seeks to examine the many differences and similarities between individuals. Formal evaluation and study of personality have mainly focused on patterns of similarities vs. When evaluating patterns of differences, the concept of abnormality has emerged and attracted huge concerns among psychologists.

Since the issue is controversial, there are concerns whether individual differences in personality can be effectively explained with reference to genes.

Individual Differences Approach to Personality Theory: As previously mentioned, personality is a concept that primarily focuses on examining…… [Read More]. Personal Traits That Contribute to Learning Learning There is both scientific and social research that shows that learning is possible at all stages of life, yet there are some stages where learning comes more easily and effortlessly than others.

Age is one of a few qualities the paper will discuss regarding the influence of personal traits that affect learning. Certainly, it is culturally accepted common knowledge that it is easier for very young children to learn than adults. Children are more like blank slates, especially when they are very young, and they absorb information at different rates and with different forms of attention than with adults.

Adults have more experiential knowledge and social intelligence than children, and therefore, experience a different kind of learning or growth than say, a three-year-old child. Personality may be the most significant factor with respect to learning.

If a person is motivated or lacks motivation,…… [Read More]. Corporate Personality Separate Corporate Personality Explain the meaning of and the rationale for the principle of separate corporation personality. Personality in this case does not have anything to do with an actual person, but that personhood is given to something. Also, this does not mean that the corporation in question has the traits or quirks given to it by the people who work there.

The concept of identity in the corporate realm is something else entirely. The concept of separate corporate personality can be equated to the fact that an individual has and individual personality, and that no one else is responsible for what that individual does or says. The fault or benefit is that person's alone.

A separate corporate personality means that the corporation is an entity that is separate and that the component parts that make up the organization are not responsible, legally, for any action taken against…… [Read More].

However, in Hoyle's analysis, impulsivity is a factor that hampers the individual's performance of an activity with a high level of self-control. Thus, the relationship between impulsivity and self-regulation are inversely proportional to each other: Combining both factors, Hoyle then created a bigger picture of his interpretation of and perspective about self-regulation. For him, in order to fully gain self-regulation in the self, there should be an "alignment" of both the real and ideal self.

The real self are actions and behavior that the individual observes on a daily basis, while the ideal self could be a part of the individual's personality, or…… [Read More]. Police Personality Is There a. Still other theorists have noted that the same officer may proceed through all of these syndromes over the course of a career O'Connor, Finally, some social scientists dispute the singularity of the authortarian mindset within police officers at all.

A small municipality is likely to have fewer Wyatt Earps or enforcers types than a police department located in a large city. An urban police force may have a more tolerant attitude, and a higher percentage of idealistic or college educated officers than a small Southern town. The specific characteristics of the force, rather than policing in…… [Read More].

Cluster B Personality Disorder In this article some of the latest research regarding the Cluster B personality disorders has been given along with their etiology, diagnosis and treatment. Further some research related to the causes, preventive measures and treatments of such disorders has been discussed here as well.

The article also presents biblical and cultural points-of-views regarding the disorder. According to the definition of personality disorder it is 'a continuing pattern of behavior and inner experience which is a lot different from the culture that an individual lives in, this sort of behavior or experience is inflexible and pervasive, starts either during the initial years of childhood or adolescence and although it is generally stable but can become stressful over the years.

Even with the barriers of language, music allows the sharing of feelings, thoughts, and meanings. Research is finding that it can be an invaluable tool of communication, education and therapy for those with special needs or disorders. Music is recognized to be able to evoke profound emotions, but modern technology is only just discovering how many of these responses are actually a result of powerful physical and physiological effects various aspects of music has on the human body.

Hargreaves, , The importance of music also stems from the fact that it plays an increasingly significant role in the lives of the average modern individual. Each of us is surrounded by music targeted at us from radio, television, films, advertisements, the internet, and various other commercial devices produced by technology.

It is no longer a distinct…… [Read More]. Walt Disney Personality Analysis. Walt then began work on Alice's Wonderland, in which a child was placed against a cartoon background, but this stream of activity also went bankrupt. Psychology Theories In psychology, personality can be described as the "the patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion unique to an individual, and the ways they interact to help or hinder the adjustment of a person to other people and situations" "personality," Psychologists may make use of idiographic or nomothetic techniques in order to study personality of an individual.

Many characteristics of human behavior can be examined while studying one's personality. To put in simple words, personality theories are utilized for organizing what is known, stimulating new research, and specifying a view of personality in a formal way Kasschau, Borderline Personality Disorder the Following. People living with mental illness are often marginalized, demeaned, and seen as being outside the normal boundaries of society.

For people with BPD, this is doubly painful as it reinforces their sense of worthlessness and victimization, and may even lead to suicide attempts. For those who can recognize they have BPD, yet not know how to deal with it, the social stigma may lead them to attempt to cope with the disorder on their own rather than seek medical treatment.

This is a failed situation that has no good outcome Paris, As chronic sufferers of BPD are often victims of abuse themselves, the pain associated with the early trauma may turn into a perpetuating cycle of repeated suffering as they struggle to cope with their disorder.

As one doctor notes, there are nine potential symptoms of the disorder, and over potential presentations; the possibility that the disorder may…… [Read More]. Borderline Personality - Personal Journey. A jumped from one work to another which did not last for a week. A week was the most that I could stay in a workplace. I had work in the laundry mat, and various restaurants. I would either fight with my bosses, could not get along with people in the workplace, or if I did not feel like it, I would not go work, just stay home and drink alcohol.

People with Borderline Personality Disorder often have trouble having or finding a stable work. My behavior is a clear manifestation of a reason why. This was also the time that I got involved in a relationship. I met my partner in the shop in one of my "normal" days, and we suddenly hit it off.

He told me he was smitten by my the "devil may care" and carefree attitude. Borderline Personality Disorder Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder are afflicted with a continual state of emotional conflict and chaos, often swinging from one extreme of emotion to another. Patients with BPD are traditionally known to exhibit symptoms of depression, anger and anxiety at varying times, and traditionally demonstrate self-injurious behavior.

The road to treatment and recovery is often a different one, as traditional psychotherapeutic approaches often fail treating patients with DSM-IV. There is recent evidence that suggests that an integrative approach for treating BPD is best. This type of approach would combine cognitive behavioral therapy, pharmacological intervention and traditional psychotherapy techniques to find the best possible outcome for BPD patients.

The diagnostic criteria for identifying borderline personality disorder according to the DSM-IV include: Lifespan Development and Personality John. It was to this group Gacy devoted the majority of his time to and eventually became first vice-president and 'Man of the Year.

Crime Library," , p. Gacy was incarcerated for an incident involving a man he had paid for sex and then attempted to have beaten by a thug for hire.

Crime Library," , pp. He was sent to jail for sodomy and battery, yet was a model prisoner. His father was an alcoholic, although Gacy idealized him.

There was a…… [Read More]. Role of Emotions and Personality. The author concludes that as sublimated and oblique emotions where in previous management theories ignored passion, the author contends that ultimately this trait is one of the most powerful for leaders to possess, a point supported by additional research Ali, Comparison of both Articles' Arguments Both articles by Lieberman, and Muchinsky, illustrate how critical it is for organizations to recruit managers and promote leaders who can effectively develop strategies to accentuate the positive emotional and personality-based approaches to leading both individuals and teams.

The articles reviewed both underscore how critical it is to nurture emotional environments in organizations and can serve as the catalyst of as Muchinsky calls them in his hierarchy of emotions "favorable life conditions," or those emotions that include happiness, pride, and love.

Muchinsky argues that these emotions in conjunction with the empathetic emotions as defined in his proposed taxonomy are the necessary catalysts…… [Read More]. Motivation and Personality in a. Society also ingrains many values and ideas into its populace, for instance, by gender conditioning.

Boys are told they should not cry or display feeling while it is okay for a girl to do it. Boys are also expected to be tough and aggressive and told from a very young age that they need to be "strong. This fact is observed in almost all societies irrespective of geographical location. Parenthood, marital status and involvement in social circles also influence values and attitudes. Franken defined motivation as a multifaceted phenomenon. Franken, He associated motivation as an internal state of need, desire or want that serves to activate or energize behavior as well as to give direction to behavior.

Motivation is also defined as a factor that helps people get energized towards attaining a goal…… [Read More]. Constant Traits of Human Nature.

Bush and His Presidential Administration: Alternatively, inflated self importance can also be caused by messages communicated throughout the formative years and subsequent reinforcement, such as are typical for many individuals born into lives of wealth, power, and social privilege Branden, In that regard, former U.

Bush may share some of the consequences of having been born into a privileged family. His characteristic "swagger" and defiance to objective criticisms, all the while displaying a degree of intellectual ignorance rarely witnessed among heads of states at least in the free world may be the product of a privileged upbringing in conjunction with the unconscious realization that he did not earn admission to prestigious universities and graduate schools on the merits of his academic achievements, that he was never qualified to lead a Texas National Guard squadron, and that his election to both a state governorship and a national…… [Read More].

Humanitarian Traits Through Spirituality in. Spirituality is not a set of rules and it cannot be understood as an object or even an objective but instead spirituality is a state of being and the essence of the true nature of mankind when receiving positive spiritual energy and guidance and then taking those and applying them to daily live and implementing the accompanying principles, ethics and morals into the processes in forming and directing the culture and society.

Bibliography Berry, Thomas in Hill, Bernice. Money and the Spiritual Warrior. Reflections on Psychology, Culture and Life. Princeton University Press, Leadership Trait Inventory Analysis. Leadership Trait Questionnaire LTQ is based on trait theory of leadership, which suggests that individuals possess specific personality or behavioral traits conducive to leadership like expressiveness, sensitivity, and determination.

The questionnaire does not measure one's efficacy or effectiveness as a leader. Rather, the questionnaire is designed to measure self-perceptions and perceptions of others. Answers on the LTQ will reflect more about the leadership style one exhibits than one's innate abilities or prior successes as a leader. Some of the qualities listed on the LTQ include self-confidence, trustworthiness, and sensitivity.

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- Personality Traits and Leadership Styles of Great Leaders Leadership Styles of Great Leaders: Peter Drucker said, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s .

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Many contemporary personality psychologists believe that there are five basic dimensions of personality, often referred to as the "Big 5" personality traits. The five broad personality traits are extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. 1.

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Personality is the expression of a person’s traits according to ones feelings, mentality and behavior. It involves understanding individuals’ traits such as withdrawal and willpower and how various parts of an individual link together to form personality. The five personality traits I chose basically describe me in a nutshell and I guarantee that no one will have the same traits with the same reasons. One personality trait that I have is that I am calm.

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Mar 05,  · If you will decide to write describe your personality essay like reflective essay, you should find the important point in your life that led to a something good for your professional or other growth. In other words there is no need to write about your whole life.4/4(55). Birth Order Personality Traits Essay Words | 3 Pages Birth Order Personality Traits It is easy to wonder how two children from the same family can turn out so differently, with completely different personalities and ways of solving problems.