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Homework: Similes

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❶These online exercises, a digital upgrade of physical worksheets, will have kids running through some quick drills that make sure they understand the meaning of some common similes.

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The poetry master should be able to do the following. Keep these four steps in mind as you review the examples. All of poems used in these examples can be found online via the links included in the reference section at the bottom of this study guide. The entire poem contains similes. Hughes asks a question, a rhetorical question: What happens to a dream deferred? If this were a quiz it would be multiple choice, and none of the answers sound appealing:.

The first four similes imply acquiescence and submission. The fifth option hints at violence. The poem suggests a key difference between similes an indirect comparison and metaphors a direct comparison. Metaphors have a greater impact on the reader in the same way an explosion would have a greater impact on society. Burns compares his love to not just a rose, to not just a red rose, to not just a red, red rose, but a newly sprung red, red rose.

He compares his love not to just a melody, nor to a sweetly played melody, but to a sweetly played melody in tune. He finishes by claiming his love as equal to her beauty This line makes me wonder about the potential superficiality of his love. These hyperbolic similes are tame compared to Burns' hyperbolic phrases that finish the poem.

My personal feeling is that Burns is just trying to get some, but I could be wrong. The poem is a simile poem, meaning the entire poem is a simile. Line 2 contains the comparison "and we are like the deer" and the rest of the poem describes in what manner his people are like the deer. Momaday writes of the fate of Native Americans, having himself grwon up on the Kiawa Indian reservation. Your students will be all smiles when learning how to compare objects with this similes exercise.

Once students get underway with this Education. A simile's a handy writing tool for making stories more dramatic. Similes are ways of comparing one item to another to help describe it better: Work on identifying and understanding how to use similes with our simile exercises. These online exercises, a digital upgrade of physical worksheets, will have kids running through some quick drills that make sure they understand the meaning of some common similes. They're straight and to the point, and a quick addition to homework or to help combat summer slide.

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A simile is a comparison of two different objects, created by using "like" or "as." You can use this list of similes to help you.

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Students have started learning about similes to help improve their descriptive writing. A simile is when a writer compares something to something else by using as a or like. Examples: The massive dog was as slow as a dawdling turtle. The people below looked small like tiny ants. Similes are also improved by using adjectives. Writing an assignment introduction values: Homework help similes. Why university of chicago?!!!! whyyyy! stop sending me ish. i'm not doing that essay!!!!!

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gore vidal essays Homework Help Similes animal cruelty essays homework help business plan. Get an answer for 'What are some examples of similes in Chapters 1 and 2 of The Outsiders?' and find homework help for other The Outsiders questions at eNotes.