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❶At least three of them also provided COR associations.

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Generally, customer satisfaction measurement is a tool of a highest priority for creating requirements to new brand products that will deserve high customer loyalty. So, customer satisfaction measurement makes the companies answer a vital business question: The most advanced type of customer satisfaction is the model of actionable customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction consists of various components. Each of them is vital to the proper functioning of the whole brand-system: Customer decision drivers — is a competitive research that reveals how customers make purchase and repeat purchase decisions.

The company through a detailed exploration of a given product tries to understand purchase factors that eventually influences customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction also includes the evaluation of possible needs and changing competitive factors. In other words, it clearly identifies the customer satisfaction position of the company. Customer loyalty growth — the company views the customer satisfaction and loyalty as the target of the highest priority. Actions — it is a number, a collection of methods used to enhance customer loyalty. Ordinarily it is a collection of forward-thinking actions with high potential in the future.

A professional customer loyalty approach requires a strict planned strategy. This should be taken as a priority! The problem is that the efforts put in building customer loyalty without a directed plan are not as effective as they could have been with a strategy and a plan.

There is a rather strong opposition between finding new customers and creating a loyal customer base with the existing ones. Old customers with a high level of customer loyalty will come back over and over again and bring new clients with them, for a good business recommendation is priceless nowadays.

There are four primary factors influencing the opportunity of a brand to build customer loyalty: The market of a brand should be oriented on its own customers and create a market specifically for them. Nevertheless this is just only one aspect of this phenomenon. When a person buys a new car many companies always try to sell an extended warranty, a new alarm system and other advantages along with the car. This is a perfect example of the implementation of additional products and services that create a high customer loyalty.

Such positive emotional attachment is a strong force in building customer loyalty. If a company knows that the car already needs san annual technical examination it is a good step to send a remained by mail that the car can be fixed specifically in this place and no other one. A customer does not have to think where to take his car - he already knows he will go to that specific place, because they DO CARE and are good service suppliers. If a customer comes to a sale today there is nothing wrong to invite him for the next sale and by this let him know that he is a valuable customer and is always welcome.

In the paragraphs above we have discussed the disadvantages on trying to evaluate customer satisfaction through complains. People do not have time and desire to come and complaint, instead they complain to everyone they know. This is the reason the store starts loosing its clients and realizes it when it is too late.

A satisfaction questionnaire would be just appropriate for the elimination of such unpleasant consequences. The company has always to know what is wrong with the product and especially with the service.

For instance, if such a questionnaire is send to the customer right after some sale his answers directed to the management of the company will prevent him from spreading a bad reputation for the brand. Special attention should be given to technical, service, or customer support, because these are the services that each customer faces after the purchase when some trouble occurs.

Responsibility and respect from services supplied by the brand — do matter! Another vital aspect of building customer loyalty is having constant contact with the current clients. Christmas cards and notifications of changed telephone number or address, a call will be a terrific support for the customer loyalty.

They key point here is to show them that you are there to help them or in simple words you reach out for them. The more loyal the brand is to the customer the higher is the customer loyalty. The last aspect to mention is the level of personal loyalty of the employees of the company.

Employees are the face of the company and they are the ones who represent the company through the interactions with the customers. Employees should in the first place make an accent on the attitude to the customers. Building customer loyalty is vital to any brand and the key element of a successful achievement of this goal is attention, responsibility and respect.

Each customer no matter how big or small is his purchase requires prom and very loyal treatment. The goal of each brand should be to absolutely satisfy all the demands of each customer during the interaction.

And though this is not always possible, still the efforts will never be left without a positive result. The customer should never be made to wait for a long time and therefore given a message that he is not important to the company.

Any information should be provided to the customer at his very first request. If it is either an internet request, a telephone call or a person-to-person interaction the customer needs to be confident in the fact that the employee of the company is ready and eager to help him no matter how small is his problem or question. In order to build customer loyalty and have customer satisfaction at the highest level any company is expected to show dedication to the customer and working up to the highest possible standard.

So, why is customer satisfaction so important in the business world and why every company should find the key to build customer loyalty? But what they are to their own children, is loyal. Mercutio was loyal to Romeo. The Friar wasn't loyal to Lady Capulet. Tybalt was loyal to Juliet. Montague and Capulet were loyal to their kids. Here are four examples of loyalty in one simple story, a story of drama and tragedy. Mercutio is the most loyal character because he would take a shot for Romeo.

He would risk his life to save others. Loyalty can be found anywhere. Think of it, you can find loyal people in school and in your own home and many other places. Loyalty can mean different things to different people, but everyone has the basic idea what loyalty really is.

According to the book definition, loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause. However, we all know loyalty is much more than that. Being loyal is the ability to never fail someone, especially when they really need you.

Loyalty is standing by someone's side through the good, the bad, and the ugly. In a way, there are levels of loyalty, the way I see it.

From the start of a friendship, there is a little bit of loyalty to your newly acquired friend. You want to build a bond of trust so that friendship can become better. As it does become a closer friendship, the level of trust changes a bit. Someone who is loyal can also be someone who is steadfast in allegiance or duty. What that means is that you have a sense of responsibility for your duties. Duties is not limited to just work.

Being there for someone in desperate need of help can be a duty. You can have a loyalty to your teachers, or schoolwork, or whatever. But loyalty is mostly seen in people.

Even in Romeo and Juliet there is a lot of examples of loyalty. First, there was the Friar. Even though he was not one of the major round characters, he was definitely important to the story. First, he was culpable towards both Romeo's and Juliet's deaths. But before that, he was loyal towards them. Of course, he didn't want to cause their deaths, but his loyalty towards them caused it. He agreed to marrying them in knowledge that their families would not approve, and in knowledge that they had barely thought their love through.

In this way, the friar was not loyal to the Montagues and the Capulets. To continue, Mercutio was loyal the his friend Romeo. Mercutio was a good buddy of Romeo, and it was apparent that they always stuck together. That is, until Mercutio was killed.

However, Mercutio was killed because he was loyal. Romeo was about to fight with someone, and Mercutio took up the fight instead of Romeo. He took the sword, and ultimately he was killed. That's what a true friend would do for someone you're loyal to. He was there for Romeo the whole time and he was willing to risk his own life for him. Then there's Juliet's nurse. Like the friar, she was loyal to one side and not loyal to the other.

She was loyal to Juliet the entire time, when obviously she had the duty to be loyal to Capulet and Lady Capulet. She was giving Juliet advice ever since she knew the situation, and was keeping it all a secret from the others. She was also a messenger between Romeo and Juliet, which was pretty unethical of her.

She also took part to blame for Romeo's and Juliet's deaths. What exactly is loyalty? Many of us wonder that. To me loyalty is simply one word, trustworthy.

Yea, its simply one word but it has a big meaning. Is not as simple to understand. Trustworthy is a person that you can trust. Somebody you could tell your private stuff to. Someone who you know will never let you down no matter in what situation you are. To me this is the definition of loyalty. In the novel Romeo and Juliet there are loyals characters, except there is one that's the most loyal.

That is , Mercutio, he is an excellent example of loyalty. He was there for Romeo always except maybe we didnt get to know a lot about about him because he died very soon in the novel. An example of his loyalty is when he took the sword for Romeo in the beginning of the play. That showed how much he cared about Romeo and how true of a friend he was.

Why was Mercutio the most loyal character? Well the answer is simple he was trustworthy. There where other loyal characters but their loyalty where at different levels. So i strongly believe he was the most loyal. Its not easy to be loyal either or to explain it. It may be easier if you do it with out knowing. In the other hand we where all surprised when the Friar didn't come out to be so loyal. Romeo always thought that the Friar was royal, but at the end it didn't come out like that.

Romeo ended up killing him self because of someone he though was his friend, someone that would never let him down.

Sometimes it makes sense " Dont judge a book by its cover". Meaning why trusting so much someone when we are all humans and make mistakes. Just because he is a priest doesn't mean he's never going to be wrong. Moreover, i think im a loyal friend. I wont say i never make mistakes or that i am the perfect trustworthy friend, but i can be trusted. I know that almost for sure, i just let my self go by the saying dont do to people what you don't like them to do to you.

I try my best at that, i think its a pretty good quote to look at, and to think about. Talking about loyalty reminds you of the word truth, doesn't it? Well thats what its all about. Talking with the truth and acting wit the truth. When your not being loyal to someone, the first thing you will ask is what did i lied to you about, or what did i do to you?.

So there is a lot to this word, there are a lot of ways to show it, but there is only one keyword "truth". Overall, loyalty has everything to do with truth. In the play Romeo and Juliet the most loyal character is Mercutio. He is the accurate example, like i said we didn't get to know about a lot of him but for what we learned. We saw he truly loved Romeo as a friend and he would do anything for Romeo, even die. In the final analysis, it all comes down to truth. Loyalty is something everyone can have, but not everyone can stay committed to such a limited idea.

You usually rely on a best friend for loyalty, a lover, or a family member to be exact. Being able to trust someone is a big step to do. When it comes to loyalty, I rely on my younger sister. Usually people would give me a reaction as to why I do rely so much on her. I trust her with every ounce of oomph. I think loyalty would come from the heart, not from the word. That is what my sister does for me. I trust her and she trusts me.

For instance, Romeo and Juliet is a great example of loyalty. Romeo relied so much on Friar that he was able to die with her at the end of the story. Friar understood how much passion Romeo had towards Juliet.

Friar also understood how much Romeo depended and trusted him. Therefore, he helped him as much as possible throughout his conflicts within the story. Loyalty is a strong word. In my view, I do believe it has its own kind of power towards a relationship or friendship actually. It helps keeps people together. Even though loyalty can be either positive or negative, it will always have its privileges and it will always have its consequences.

How can you be able to tell what person is truly loyal or not? I mean, you cannot just spill out your deep thoughts to anyone on the street. They have to let you know that they are capable to not betray you in any way whatsoever. I like the idea of thinking this way. If you truly do take consideration into thinking about it specifically, this thought can actually be true.

Overall, loyalty has many meanings. Loyalty has many causes and effects attached to it. Loyalty is a lovely characteristic to achieve. I know for one fact, that I am a loyal person. The only person I trust in my life, is my younger sister and my best friends Arislenny, Amber, Dionte, and Chino. Have you ever wonder what is the real meaning of loyalty? Well I have, so I looked it up in the internet. This is what I found: Loyalty- feeling of friendship or duty towards someone or something.

For some people it could mean more than that. They could be loyal to a friend or the other way around. They could have a friend that is loyal to them. Meaning that they could trust and relay on that friend. In Romeo and Juliet there were character likes this.

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Loyalty essaysThere are many different perceptions and definitions for loyalty. Everyone considers loyalty to be defined as respect, honesty, love and patients. I am going to spend the next five minutes explaining a new way to look at some forgotten definitions of loyalty and what it consists of.

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Loyalty is a quality which is found mainly among the brave and the bold characters. Meek and weak persons are mostly found lacking in the spirit of loyalty. Loyal people can become great leaders, great commanders, or great administrators in life.

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- Introduction Customer loyalty according to Loyalty Research Centre () “can be defined as customers continuing to believe that one organisation’s product/service offer remains the best option. Loyalty is a characteristic many people should strive to have; it earns the trust and respect of many. A loyal person would never be able to fail someone because they are trustable. Loyalty is everywhere and there are many different kinds of loyalty. Loyalty to strangers is one of the many different kinds of loyalty.

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The loyalty expectations extend to external actions, but also – as in the case of friendships – to internal settings. It is disputed whether loyalties are genuine obligations. You can get professional essay help on Loyalty topics here! The main problem of loyalty is caused by by the difference in expectation. Loyalty - Definition essaysLoyalty is a complicated concept, which can be interpreted in many points of views. It is related to many other terms such as love, friendships, family relationships and many others.